Where can I find an affordable accountant for international dropshipping?

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I have just started with shopify and dropshipping in general. I need some help in the matter of accounting or bookkeeping. In particular, I need to find a good accountant that would not be that expensive (I cannot afford anyone expensive yet, I have just started in the branch of dropshipping).

My situation: I will dropship to the USA. So I need an accountant who understands US taxes and financial regulations. However, I am not based in the USA. I am not even an American citizen. I am from the Czech republic, and I am registered as a sole proprietor business here. From what I read about this topic, I better want someone knowledgeable on the business of dropshipping. I read (and heard) that many accountants do not catch up with the current situation in the market. They, for instance, do not even understand facebook ads spending = so they do not allocate this kind of expenses as business expenses on tax returns. So I want someone who at least understands e-commerce and dropshipping in general terms. At least this thing they should know.

I have already tried looking for such an accountant in many places. Google, my country, facebook groups... Here, in the Czech republic, there is almost no way I could find someone who would be good. I have not found anyone cheap enough. I found that great guy named Chris Rivera who obviously knows what he is doing, but he is just way too expensive for me in the beginning.

Could you, please, at least recommend me where to look for the person? Or, even better, tell me some information on how to look for good accountants? Or perhaps you could recommend me someone in particular?

Thank you in advance for your answers. 🙂

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