Why are we charged different fees for web shopping and monthly usage?

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I am new at my position as CFO for Migaya Sweden Retail based in Sweden.


We are a customer to you, and we have some questions for you, first of all we have not had any sales through you during some months now, but we will start this up again soon:

  • We receive every month an invoice from you for different fees. But you are also removing for different fees from our daily payment regarding to different web shopping. Why are there two different kinds of fees?
  • Since we at the moment are not using web shopping at all for our company why are we still paying for your monthly fees (the last shipment was done at the 18th august 2022)?


With thanks in advance:


Maria Lundberg

Migaya Retail Sweden

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It sounds like you are asking about the fees that are charged by Shopify for the use of their platform and services.

Shopify charges two different types of fees to their customers: monthly subscription fees and transaction fees. The monthly subscription fees are a fixed cost that is charged each month for the use of the Shopify platform and access to its features and tools. The transaction fees are a percentage of the total sales that are processed through the Shopify platform, and they are charged for each transaction that is made.

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Hi there, @mari12!


Thank you for your questions, I'm happy to provide some context. 


As mentioned by @NiccosMedia, there are different fees that you can incur while using Shopify. Subscription fees are recurring charges (usually paid monthly) for using Shopify's platform, and Credit card fees and/or Third-party transaction fees are subtracted from your payout when you process a payment. Which fees you are charged will depend on whether you use Shopify Payments or a third-party payment provider. You can find out more information about the types of fees on Shopify in these help documents: 



You will continue to be charged a subscription fee until you cancel your Shopify account. Based on what you're describing, you may want to try out our Pause and Build planWhen you use the Pause and Build plan, your store continues to run at a reduced cost of $14 USD or less per month. You can access your Shopify admin and edit your products when you need to, but your checkout is disabled. This means that customers can review your products, but they can't purchase them. You can read more about this plan and find the steps to enable it in this help document


Please let me know if you have any more questions! 

Greta | Shopify 
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