Why can I not show "Tax Inlusive" in my cart total?

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Hi guys,


So I've gone through deep research into most discussions around this issue.

I've tried all alterations that's available through these forums (changing settings) and help center (adding code) – but I just can't seem to understand why it's not possible to add reference for customer that tax is inclusive in the total.


Some forums I've looked through:


Help center topic I referenced:


It seems like Shopify just doesn't have this feature. All I want to do at this stage is state "tax inclusive" next to or below the CART TOTAL NUMBER, which should show on invoice and receipt for both myself and the customer.


Can someone please assist?

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Always backup your theme before making changes your not familiar with


Keep in mind Text of Tax lines may not show in checkout until address information has been entered

  • To add text to /product/ pages edit your product.liquid (or appropriate section|snippet) .
  • To add text to /cart pages edit your cart.liquid (or appropriate section|snippet) .
  • To modify checkout translations, example: changing "Taxes" to Taxes(vat incl.), 
    • Note this will change the text for all checkouts of the modified language regardless of tax status for any and all products in the transaction
    • Change a checkout translation,  (quickeys GSC) Settings > Checkout  > Checkout language > Manage checkout language
    • Add a custom checkout translation (quickeys GSC) Settings > Checkout  > Checkout language > Manage checkout language
      • in the locale editor Change theme language > Other Languages > ( for further instruction see the help docs for custom translating checkout)
  • Shopify Plus is required to make modifications to the secure checkout with css,html,javascript or liquid 
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