Why did my customer's sales tax refund after using Apple Pay?

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I just noticed something odd with an order that was placed by a local customer using apple pay with an emailed Shopify invoice. Wondered if anyone else has seen this happen. It seemed to charge sales tax but then refunded it... I have sales tax enabled for my area, never have had an issue before.

The log looks like this:

Order confirmation email was sent to JK (redacted email).

$6.36 USD refund will be deducted from your Jan 26, 2024 payout.

$108.99 USD will be added to your Jan 26, 2024 payout.

$106.00 USD was captured using a Visa ending in 8650 via Apple Pay.

Tax amount was updated from $6.36 USD to $0.00 USD.

$112.36 USD was authorized using a Visa ending in xxxx via Apple Pay.

This authorization expires on Jan 30, 2024 at 6:40 pm.  Confirmation #redacted was generated for this order.

This order was created for JK from draft order #xxx.

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Same issue here, I've been chatting with support and they haven't given me an exact answer yet, just keep explaining how the system figures tax. Question; do you know if this sale is to a town/city that shares a zip with another town city and those two have different tax rates? For example, the customers phyical address is town A, which shares a zip with town B, but they list town B as their address on the order? Shopify uses rooftop calculations, not zip based calculations, I think this may have something to do with this issue.

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having the same issue with Paypal transaction, except it added a few cents to the taxes, and voided out customer payment so they would have to repay for the order showing a higher amount. Completely not ok, contacted shopify and obv. customer service team can't do anything, they told me to just tell customers to repay. How is it even legal to charge a customer more for taxes AFTER they've already paid. 💀