Why is my dropshipper's address showing as my store location on Shopify?

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Hi all. Can anyone explain to me or assist me in understanding, why does the LOCATION not show as AUTOMATICALLY added, but rather it shows that I added this address back in 2017 while creating my store? I don't recall ever having to physically add my dropshipper & fullfillment vendor's warehouse (Printful Inc) address five years ago when I integrated them with my Shopify store. I still use Printful Inc as my fullfillment & dropshipper and the ADDRESS shown is their fulfillment & shipment warehouse. However, I've never and still do not hold inventory at the given address. All my orders are printed on demand so I'm a bit confused since I've seen this as being a potential tax liability issue. I've tried to deactivate or remove the location but no success. I have never sold or made sales to customers in NC and I don't hold or have ever held inventory at my physical location here in Oklahoma or Printful's NC warehouse location. Also, Printful has always had my sales tax id & permit info on file but Shopify shows a potential tax liability. Can anyone provide some clarity. Thanks a bunch.




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Im having the exact same issue.

My business is located in Texas and my drop shipper in New York.

Because my business is registered in Texas I have a sales and use tax permit for Texas. According to Shopify, the location should be where inventory is held or orders are fulfilled. However, as a drop shipper I don't actually own the product, so listing the address for the warehouse in New York creates tax liabilities. I have spoken to several agents trying to get an understanding of how this works, but no one can yet give me the correct guidance