Why is the 'Variant Tax Code' blank during my product export?

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I use One Stop Order Processing (OSOP) with me new Shopify store.

I am set up to collect vat in Settings:Taxes

All product variants have "Charge tax on this variant" checked

Orders show the correct vat amount being charged

When I export into OSOP, a second amount of VAT gets added on top.   My settings there seems correct.

A products export from Shopify have the column labelled "Variant Tax Code" blank for all products (they are all variants).  I guess this is where the problem is.

What should that column contain for standard rate vat of 20%?

Why is the column empty when the products are exported?

Many thanks

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I thought I would update this in case anyone is interested.

This is the response from the great team at OSOP.


Thanks for the info. I have now found the issue and fixed OSOP. I will send a link to the new beta when available later this week.

The problem was that your "Tax" line in OSOP was called "GB Tax" so it assumed the VAT amount was 0 (as it did not expect GB) so added on the VAT. All VAT type text is now support in the new version."