Why is there a discrepancy between my total sales and bank payouts?

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Hi everyone,


We seem to be having trouble reconciling what we sell on Shopify with the payouts we actually receive in our bank account. Here is one sample day:


Shopify Total Sales: $2,134.24 (this is after discounts, returns, taxes, shipping, etc. are added or subtracted)


If I understand right, the cash we actually receive in our bank account (the payouts), plus any transactional type fees that were removed prior, should add back up to this number.


But when we went through all our payouts tied to transactions from that day, this is the total we're coming up with:

  • Shopify payout: 1,143.22
  • Shopify fees: 39.60
  • Paypal payout: 264.21
  • Paypal fees: 15.57
  • Total: $1,462.60

We're about $670 short of what we should have received. I've scoured transaction records, payment records, etc. trying to see where this additional money would have gone, but I can't seem to find it. Shopify app fees, capital payments, etc. are all paid separately, so they shouldn't factor into this. 


Can anyone help us understand what we might not be accounting for? Are there any Shopify fees that get pulled ahead of payouts that I'm just not aware of? Additional transaction or merchant fees that I need to look somewhere else to find? Thank you!

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Hi @bushelandpeck 


Thank you for reaching out about this and for sharing some of that information for context. While I don't have access to your sales reports or payout details via the community forums, I want to make sure we start troubleshooting this right away.


Please follow these steps to compare your payouts to your order details:


  1. Create a custom report in Analytics > Reports for "Payments - Method". More info here: Shopify Help Center | Finance Analytics. This will give us a breakdown of orders across a period of time and show the order number and the payment gateway used. Which gives us a quick summary of what each total payout should have been based on the gateway.
    1. Make sure you have the column "Order Name" added.
    2. Sort the list by Payment Method (to group payment gateway types) and export to CSV.
  2. Export your payout records from all available payment gateways (Shopify Payments, PayPal, any other third party gateways).
  3. Have a copy of your deposits into your bank account(s) from these gateways.
  4. Review your payout export order numbers and ensure that all the orders we are calculating from our Payments analytics report match up based both on date and order number.

Now that we have all the data available to us, the first step it to align the order numbers to your payout records. Just because an order was placed on the same day does not mean that it is on the same payout. You could have a break in-between two orders meaning that some of them are on a payout outside of the cycle you are currently investigating.


Payouts for Shopify Payments have the fees deducted and are shown in the breakdown of your payout details in your admin. The total of the payout is that group of order payouts minus any applicable fees. Each Shopify Payment payout amount you are seeing in your admin should be the same as the deposits in your bank account.


From here, if you have not found a clear answer to where those missing funds are coming from, you will want to go through your orders one by one to compare them to the payouts on file. 

Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thank you, Shay, I'll get to work on this right away and see what I can find.