Wrong Sales Tax and no help.

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So, I have a few issue with the way Shopify does sales tax. My company is in Eddy county New Mexico. Our address is for Carlsbad, New Mexico, as so as it is the nearst city to our store. We are requiered by the state to charge Eddy county sales tax. But, for some reason Shopify says Carlsbad City sales tax. Not only does our Shopify store says the Carlsbad city sales tax to our customers, Shopify also charges me the city sales tax for their service and app and not the correct county sales tax. I have contaced Shopiy about this, and all I get is that they have their tax team looking into it. This has been going on for almost a month now, with no update. I get that the team is looking into it, but they can not give me any time frame of when they might reach out to me about it.

Now, I have been told that I can create a sale tax override for the customers in my state to reflect the county sales tax. Well, there are two problems. One, the override keeps round the tax rate and not using all of the decimal places. The second is that I would still be charged the city sale tax for Shopify services and apps.

As right now I can not get the wright sales tax for New Mexico customers and Shopify support, more or less, says "Sorry, you will just have to wait". This is not a way for a company to do business, when one of the primary part doesnot function right and does nothing about it.

Does, anyone have the same issue? Has anyone gotten a respone from Shopify about this?

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@edcorusa Did you ever get a resolution to this? I have a similar situation. 


My business is in an unincorporated part of the county, but Shopify is charging an additional 3% city tax automatically. They are telling me that there is no way to remove a city tax from their system so I have to continue to charge my customers the wrong sales tax. 


They literally told me on support chat that they cannot get that granular to remove that city so I need to figure out how to account for this on my books with my accountant. Their solution is to overcharge my customers a tax that should not be applied and just figure out the books. 


It is completely ridiculous so I'm really hoping I can find someone that was able to fix this problem properly.