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Hi there, 


We have 2 shopify stores, one for UK and one for the rest of EU and one xero account. The app does not work as it is limited to one store, for 2 store xero say I need 2 xero accounts which is ridiculous given that i need 2 xero contracts and pay for 2 apps. 


What is the method of exporting sales from 2 stores and importing them in to one xero account, preferably free as i can not figure this out. 


many thanks 



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Hello @DualSportEurope 


If Xero said that you need to have 2 accounts to track 2 stores, you have to manually export reports from Shopify, combine them and import to Xero account.

Otherwise, consider to change to other app that can track multiple stores. 


Let us know if you need anything else.

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Any suggestions on an app that supports multiple stores and currencies that will import the data into xero?