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We have been using the Xero APP, originally from Shopify for several years now. All has been going well until BOLD took over the APP. Now we have nothing but problems with the APP, SKU not being fed through correctly, incorrect reports on the export, credit note contains incorrect value and VAT % etc. etc. 


So, we are now looking for a new solution, having a quick look on the Shopify APP, I cannot see another solution that would work seamlessly. 


We average 10-15 sales per day, and have a live inventory which are recorded both on Shopify and Xero. 


Just wondering what others are doing to automate their bookeeping and what options do we have other than the terrible BOLD Xero intergration APP?


Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and many thanks in advance! 

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Hi Marshall, 

We can assist you with this. We are already working on Shopify to Xero integration.

Thank you.

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Thanks, do share more info!

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The best integration services for Xero is Kartzhub