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Shopify Plus merchants can now customize their in-checkout pages, which include their Information, Shipping, and Payment Pages, using checkout extensibility. This replaces the need for checkout.liquid. As a result, checkout.liquid will no longer work for in-checkout pages starting August 13, 2024. Shops that currently use checkout.liquid to customize their in-checkout pages need to upgrade to checkout extensibility before this date.


Why we built checkout extensibility

Checkout extensibility makes it easier for Shopify Plus merchants to customize their checkout in a way that’s app-based, upgrade-safe, higher-converting, and integrated with Shop Pay. It has the power and flexibility for merchants to build the experiences they want, including:


Code-free customization

For the first time ever, you can customize your checkout without touching code. With the new checkout editor, you can edit the look of your checkout, including colors, fonts, and logos. And you can quickly add new functionality to your checkout by simply installing apps from the Shopify App Store and configuring them in the checkout editor. The best part? Apps added in the checkout editor automatically inherit branding settings, making it even faster to add new functionality. 


You can also install apps that add tracking pixels, post-purchase pages, and custom logic to your checkout. 


Increased speed and conversion

Checkout extensibility is built with the latest platform technology, which boosts conversion by over 1% on average by delivering a faster checkout experience for your customers.


Integration with Shop Pay

Add any or all of your checkout customizations to Shop Pay with the click of a button in the checkout editor. This allows you to deliver a consistent experience across your guest and express checkouts, while benefiting from Shop Pay’s 91% higher conversion rates on mobile devices and 4X faster checkout experience. 


Upgrade safety and better security

Unlike using checkout.liquid, checkout extensibility doesn’t require periodic upgrades—which means you can gain access to new checkout features as soon as they’re available. You also benefit from better security as the components and APIs that power checkout extensibility run in a sandboxed environment.


Flexibility to build the experience you want 

Make advanced customizations and build the exact checkout experience you want by working with a developer. You can make advanced customizations to the look of your checkout with the branding API and build bespoke customizations for your checkout by developing custom apps with our ever-growing collection of components and APIs.


Upgrading to checkout extensibility

Shops that currently use checkout.liquid to customize their in-checkout pages need to upgrade to checkout extensibility before August 13, 2024. Checkouts that aren’t upgraded on time will be automatically upgraded to an un-customized, out-of-the-box Shopify Checkout.


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