Order API Address Validation Updates

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Hey Shopify Developers,

There are some changes today to how addresses are validated when importing Orders through the Order API.

Shipping and billing addresses are now being validated to ensure the presence of the following fields:

  • Customer last name (last_name)
  • First address line (address1)
  • City
  • Country

If the address validation fails, the order will still be created but the address import will fail silently – that is, the order will be created but the Order record in Shopify won't contain a shipping_address or billing_address (depending on which address failed validation).

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reply to this thread.

Jamie | Shopify 
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I'm having issues with address validation even though the incoming address is compliant with the validation published above...using Zapier - I can see all the address data is there but not going into the Shopify order. This worked for a few days then stopped. Did you change anything recently?

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I know this post is a little outdated now, but I'm getting the same address validation issues with existing orders.

I'll finding an order via the API, adding a field.. but then when I try to save I get address validation issues.

"Shipping address zip is not valid for australia"

Surely this existing orders address would have been validated in the checkout? I can't find any options to ignore this validation when saving.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated!

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We have been having an ongoing issue with address validation on shopify for the past month and a half and have been on the phone and email with shopify support and they have not fixed this bug.  It mainly effects international orders (the middle east seems to be the trickiest to validate) but I've seen it happen with domestic orders too.  I also have the shipping program endicia for USPS, and everything always validates fine on there.  The only issue is many international customers want DHL because it's a more reliable and quick service.  Shipping directly on DHL.com is cost prohibitive, and only worthwhile to do through shopfiy shipping due to the discount of their builk shipping account.

Is anyone else having this problem?  Have you found any work arounds?

Shopify has acknowledged this is an issue but has told me there is no time table for fixing it.  They said other shops are also being effected too.

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@Julia. Why not just use a DHL connector directly? It is easy to hook up to both USPS and DHL, so you can ship correctly and cheaply. If using Shopify is a problem, roll your own solution! Shopify lets merchants do their own Shipping through custom carrier services, hence you can hook up to USPS and DHL with your own business accounts, and get decent to same rates as anyone.

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I've followed the requirement for address validation:

address_1, country, city and last_name

Still, when I send a POST request to create order through the API, the shipping and billing addresses are still not populated even though I sent them in the JSON.

Is there any sort of logging or error handling I can check to see why it wasn't populated?  I'm in the dark right now and could use some pointers....thanks!