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App Bridge rollout meter : 100%

Revised Launch Date : Thursday, November 8th, 2018.

We’re excited to announce that we're launching a new way for apps and channels to be embedded directly into the Shopify admin, including Shopify mobile and POS. This new library is called Shopify App Bridge. This consolidated tooling brings together the functionality previously provided by the Embedded App SDK and the POS App SDK and makes building and testing embedded apps easier through:

  • Modern development workflows (npm, TypeScript support, and more!)

  • Support for Redux DevTools

  • More and better error reporting

  • Strict versioning using semver


This update is currently being rolled-out to all current consumers of the EASDK, and since it’s backwards compatible, no new work is needed to get it set-up. It’ll also be available as open source on GitHub soon as well.

The titlebar has had a much needed redesign, adding extra space for future features and separating primary actions from secondary (screenshot below).

Embedded apps using App Bridge will also be able to access a new navigation menu builder, available as a new app extension in the Partners dashboard.

These improvements will help cut down your development time and ensure your app renders consistently across platforms—desktop, mobile, and Shopify POS.

For more information, please check out the docs here.

Some people have been emailing in asking about the why of these changes, specifically the change to the title bar structure. 

We're working towards a future that includes more titlebar actions, with deeper, more extensible connections into the product. Offering support, leaving reviews, and a ton of other ideas are on the table. The old title bar just didn't give enough space to offer the kind of improvements that we're working on, so it made sense to release it with App Bridge.

The only method that was removed was ShopifyApp.Modal.input, due to it's exceptionally low use (only 77 total clients). In it's place, iFrame Modals can be used,

We're always looking for feedback; post it in the forums, or email us and we can set up a call — we're happy to talk about the future of the platform and want to make sure your voice is heard.

Shayne | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Hi, App Bridge developers.

Here's a weird IFrame inside the IFrame sizing issue - the outer IFrame seems to have the wrong height, causing it to become scrollable.

Here's the video where you can see that (couldn't embed, so sending the link):

Is there something I can do to fix this, or you need to fix it on your side?



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The latest update causing our App loading twice and no longer working.

Please help!

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We are really dont happy with this update:

1. Two line top menu look weird - on small screens it take a lot of screen height!

2. Buttons at menu now mixed up - how to align all buttons right ?

3. Not all developers like React or Redux, but now you force to use it. React+Redux is not best js components system, we prefer other solutuions and want continue use old EASDK

4. Why do you think about drop support of EASDK ? Meny app build with this SDK, migration to App Bridge need significant changes in apps, it can be expensive for app developers.


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EASDK is being deprecated in a year? I am working on a new app, and if I don't agree to fight upstream with React/Polaris/any other technical decision that Shopify decides to foist on me, I am going to see my app deprecated in a year?

If this is indeed the case, and you are actually forcing developers into long build-times and 3Mb JS bundles, not to mention the poor documentation and intellectual hurdles of learning new tech-stacks arbitrarily picked for them, then I will have to take a step back from continuing work on any of my Shopify projects.

Shopify's tech leadership appears to be lacking the maturity and perspective to make these sweaping decisions. If you can't make general, shared functionality (oh, and styles) consumable in a general, stack-independent way, than you should not be the ones creating this shared functionality. 

Oh, and if I am wrong and we CAN somehow continue to develop apps using whatever technology makes sense for our app, please feel free to correct me and invalidate the previous paragraph! Then my complaint would only be about the lack of documentation and clear communication, but at least I could continue building on Shopify.

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I'm of the opinion that technologies shouldn't be forced upon us too, it's nice to have a common UI from a customer point of view, however forcing us onto a specific technology stack will mean your partners will be spending a lot of time on re-work rather than creating functionality to help Shopify merchants, it's just a waste of time... the documentation is also poor, for someone who doesn't use react, i have no idea what those examples mean to me in terms of what needs to change to fully comply with the new app bridge SDK. Can we have some example libraries in other languages? or perhaps lower level documentation so we can translate this to other technology stacks?

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Well, just to give me 2 cents into this, I agree with "don't force tech upon us" comments above, but its not really true in this case, you are not forced to use the embedded feature of shopify, shopify built this feature to make it easier for developers, you can easily disable this feature and take full control over your app window, this is exactly what we are going to do from now on, all the small apps that doesn't require much will be left embedded, but all the larger apps will not be embedded, so we will have full control over them (They simply open in a new window, but we still have access to the auth and the billing process of shopify).

The embedded app is an optional feature that gives you a lot fo benefits and you end up with already built tools that you can use in few lines of code and you don't have to rewrite the whole thing on your own, while the idea is great, this thread shows exactly how shopify failed to execute this idea.


The most dangerous thing i see in this thread is the fact that many bugs were known BEFORE they rolled out this feature for the second time, you can actually see them in this thread, but for some reason shopfiy thought its a good idea to roll out the feature again without fixing those bugs, I have no idea why that happened, but I really hope Shayne can explain this to us?

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@SellerPanda hits the nail on the head. I cannot believe I stuck it out with EASDK as long as I did. After consulting long and hard with fellow developers, I am abandoning this failed EASDK and going solo. Too many bugs from Shopify.

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Hey everyone,

Happy to explain where we're at right now.

1) The title bar

The design team is taking everyone's opinions to heart on this. We can see how a setup with a small number of buttons can look empty, and like there is wasted space. We're working on it.

2) Support isn't responding

If you need support with this, usually emailing is the fastest way to get in touch with someone who can help. I've said that a few times on this thread, please do not go through regular merchant support channels. They are not equipped to help you. In this case, you can email me directly at and I'll help you. A number of people in the thread have done this, and we were able to walk through their issues very quickly.

3) The buttons are mixed up

Secondary buttons are pushed to the left side now, which is how Shopify's admin is built. I can understand the frustration with buttons moving without us notifying you first. This was a mistake, and won't happen again. Even if the methods didn't break, the intent behind what the method means did.

4) It's expensive to migrate

The legacy EASDK methods will be supported for the forseeable future. We will not be adding new methods, so while you should not use the EASDK to build new products, we haven't made any decisions on when this will actually be deprecated. It will not be for at least a year, and we will give a full years notice when we make the decision.

5) You're forcing tech that we may not want to use

You don't need to use React, Redux, NPM, Yarn, or anything else if you don't want to. You can use a CDN link just like the old EASDK (through something like unpkg), and regular JS just like the old EASDK. We're working on a tutorial that will be added to docs today or tomorrow to show exactly how to do this.

6) There are still lots of bugs with App Bridge

The issues that people are running into are mostly unrelated, and are symptoms of a shift to GraphQL rather than REST for internal APIs. There are some discrepancies in the data that is returned from those resources, and we're working on a fix as we speak. There are also some issues that were related to Polaris v3.0.0 (like scrolling), that have been resolved.

7) The documentation is poor

We're working full-tilt to get it to a place that's better than the legacy EASDK. Stay tuned.

I'm still very open to any meetings via livechat, the phone, or in person (If you're in Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal) to talk to talk about the launch or issues that people may be having and walk you through a solve. Email me to set it up.

Shayne | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Secondary buttons are pushed to the left side now, which is how Shopify's admin is built.

Can you elaborate here? I don't see this button layout in any of the forms I see in the Shopify Admin:


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Can you elaborate here? I don't see this button layout in any of the forms I see in the Shopify Admin:

If you take a look at the new Polaris docs for v3.0.0, you can see that this pattern is shifting to be closer to what you get for free with App Bridge, with secondary actions on the left with primary on the right.

Examples : Page ActionsPage

Changes start with Polaris and then trickle down to be adopted by consumers, both internally and externally.

Shayne | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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