Upcoming change to ProductVariants default parameters

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Hey all,

When creating a new ProductVariant, there are going to be some changes to the defaults when not specified.

  • inventory_quantity now defaults to 0
  • inventory_management now defaults to shopify

The change to inventory_quantity is live, the change to inventory_management will come next week.  Please respond with any comments or questions.


Shopify Apps Team

Ryan | Shopify 
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Sorry, I thought that's what you were telling me to do.  I'll try the product variant instead.

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holy cow that worked.. THANKS!!!!

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 Ryan, please help with request to update product quantity, can't find it on documentation.

Before changes I have used request:

payload = {
                    "variant": {
                    "id":''' + str(promotion_inventory_id) + ''',
                    "inventory_management": "shopify",
                    "inventory_quantity":'''+ str(n) + '''
        response = request.put(
            'https://' + shopify_store + '.myshopify.com/admin/variants/' + str(promotion_inventory_id) + ".json", json=payload)





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HI Ryan,

We have a fulfillment app that was working fine until the past few days, however now it won't return fulfillment tracking numbers and PDF labels to our app in Shopify stores.  I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the inventory_management change defaulting to 'shopify' now?  I think previously we had it as 'Manual'.  Would this matter and should we change it to shopify to have fulfillment data get returned correctly to the app and shopify stores?

Thank you.