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Influencer shop in shop on my Shopify

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J'ai écris en anglais mais vous pouvez répondre en français 🙂

We work with a lot of influencer, we provide them traditional affiliate link to promote the product of our store. 

However, we would like to go further, and allow our influencer to have a "collection" of product in our store that They could manage. We would like the influencer to be able to log by themslef to the app (we checked if we can give them access on the Shopify but limit them to their collection but didn't succeed to make it work). 

- They should be able only in there collection : Add product (that are already registered in our shop, so they can't add their own product but select our product). 

- Change the description of the product

- Have a specific template for their collection. 

--> all invoice etc. will be done by us, but influencer will get their affiliate commission. 

Like that on their instagram they could provide an affiliate link to the product their recommend and not only for one product.  To manage the affiliate we will work with a different app. 

Please let me know what you think, I appreciate your help.