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recommande list of product / Simiar to whishlist

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J'ai écris en anglais mais vous pouvez répondre en français 🙂

When we chat with our customer, I can recommend some products in the chat, but those recommandation stay in the chat only during the conversation and not easy to access back to them

What I would like is that the chat agent can select the product to recommend, link it to a review the product has (we use Yotpo but we can adapt), and see the recommendation product in a separate page on their account -    as they can have access to their "Whishlist". 

Ideally I would like the option to select the product & select a review that goes with. If I chat more I can add more recommended product to this page.

I understand that the agent will need to log to a separate page to do it and not inside the chat. 

Thanks a lot in advance to let me know if an app exist for that or if you think it is feasible and how much it would cost. 

I really appreciate the help of the community.