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App Review and Wishlist (Ella Theme)

App Review and Wishlist (Ella Theme)

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Hey there. This is my mission > make my store works.

my store is

I Use Ella 5.0 theme by Shpify ( there's a lot of bugs). Most of all I've got solve by myself. But 2  have been so hard. It is : 

1 - Reviews: I would like to use Ryviu: Aliexpress App (because is free and because I've tested in other theme); But shopify theme looks like block this App, and allows another three diferents payed App connected with shopify.

2 -  wishlist, my own theme have this property, but it doesn't work. I made account (internal rule)  on store for test and nothing happen. Store have heart icons for List and heart icons beside product but on click button colors don't become active not anything else.

Sorry for my english.

I'd like so much someone could me help. I'm stuck in primary fase.


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same here!!!!!!!!! any help?? 😕