410 (Gone) error when authenticating request in custom remix web app.

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I am experiencing a 410 (Gone) status when authenticating a request from a Shopify webhook call. 


I have created an API route to handle this request with the below code. This route will be called by Shopify when a webhook is triggered. This route is not loaded for a signed in user; rather it is intended on handling API calls to process some data.  


export const action: ActionFunction = async ({request}) => {
const {admin} = await authenticate.admin(request);
return null;
The issue is the authenticate.admin(request); it never authenticates correctly and results in the HTTP status code of 410 (Gone).

I am still trying to figure out how to resolve this issue even after reviewing forums and docs; any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
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Hey @sydneyroosters 


Please post this here: https://github.com/Shopify/shopify-app-template-remix

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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Will do, thanks.