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We have an ETL system that can query or push data to venders (e.g. Paypal, Authorize.net, ShipStation, even USPS).  I am wanting to setup Shopify to access a Store (configured client access) and to get orders for reporting. 


My first step is getting authentication to work with a simple API all from a windows console (host) application (used within the ETL system).  All seems straight forward until I read the documentation (i.e. https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/build/authentication-authorization/get-access-tokens/exchange-tokens) on authenticating and see I have required fields for "subject_token" and "subject_token_type".   For my ETL API calls, I will not have such a token.  


Question: Are these APIs strictly to be used within hosted web applications?  How can I use the APIs within a simple console application on a Windows server?  Thank you in advance. 


If anyone can direct me on what I am missing it is greatly appreciated.  I have downloaded the .NET ShopifySharp solution and reviewed the authorization code part.  It does not seem to follow the documention in that a "code" parameter is being passed.  The code parameter is defined as, "The authorization code generated by Shopify, which should be a parameter named 'code' on the request querystring.", and I am not sure where to get this code value.  


I have executed the access API in postman and do get the following error.  But, again, don't know where I need to gather this information.  

    "error": "missing_subject_token",
    "error_description": "Missing subject token and/or subject token type in token exchange request."
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