Can I no longer get the orders customer address with Basic plan?

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I'm using the orders api to retrieve orders with a custom app, the app has all the permissions marked in the admin configuration section, and using 2024-04 version.

This morning I've noticed I'm missing the customer full shipping address, all I get is the country and province.

"shipping_address": {
            "country": "United States",
            "country_code": "US",
            "province": "California",
            "province_code": "CA"


And I found this note in the admin: 

Additional access available

API access to personally identifiable information (PII) like customer names, addresses, emails, phone numbers is available on Shopify, Advanced, and Plus plans



Am I really not able to access my orders information with the API anymore using the BASIC plan?



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Yes, it seems to be the case. I had the same issue and upgraded to the "Shopify" Plan, then it was working.