Can't get read_all_orders scope approval without recreating our app.

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Hey all,


I've gone and requested the read_all_orders scope, so our app can build out some historical analytics for our merchants. But partner support is telling me that because our app is "built on a legacy app type (Published/Unpublished)."  that  "if you are building the app for production (to be submitted to the app store) please rebuild it as a public app. Once the correct app type has been created, please re-request the scopes from that app."


So I'm basically being told, that because my app was built and published in 2012, that I am ineligible to access that scope, without completely rebuilding and resubmitting my app. Meaning I have to lose 10+ years of merchants, all our reviews, all our branding and everything we have built over the last decade, just because Shopify changed the designation of apps internally?


Please tell me support is off base on this one, because I'm willing to bet like 80% of the apps on the app store would be considered "legacy" apps.

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Hey @MattLTV 


Reached out to Partner Support on this one - it sounds like you don't need to recreate the app but instead migrate it to a public app (and then the scope can be granted).


Unpublished apps can be submitted for public app review and once they pass our public app review by meeting our Requirements for apps in the Shopify App Store we would be able to support the addition of new scopes to their app


Sorry for the bum steer! We'll update our comms around this one.

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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Hey @SBD_ 


Thanks for following up, I think the confusion is that the app I requested it on is and has been published on the App Store since 2012 lol. Totally makes sense if it was old policy and unpublished, but we've been a live app for over a decade 😅