Cannot receive the verification code

Cannot receive the verification code

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My phone does not have a verification code, and the recovery code shows as expired. My old store customer service expert, please reply to my email! Google ads burn money every minute, and after waiting for 48 hours, I have a problem that I haven't solved yet. Have you ever encountered a situation where China Unicom cannot obtain the verification code? I have tried it on different phones, but it still doesn't work. All other text messages are normal, and my phone doesn't owe any fees or have any security restrictions. Can you learn it? I contacted customer service, and they opened the page with an unexpected error message. I look confused, dear Shopify, what's the problem with you?

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Hi @maylisa !


It looks like the problem is coming from your cellular number. I highly suggest that you contact your service provider as well. To reach out Shopify support team, kindly try to reach out to them via live chat on their Account Support site. You do not need to log in your Shopify store in order to reach out to them.



Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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