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Received a message to update the API version of Admin API before 5th July, 2023. As far as I know, to update the API version of Admin API, we update it in the url. Example, {shop-url}/admin/api/1/graphql.json. I read somewhere that to change the API version, we need to change 1 to 2 in the example. Now, in our custom app, we do not use the API version in the url and it works fine. Example of how we write the url, {shop-url}/admin/api/graphql.json. Here, you can see we don't specify the API version in url. Now, what do we need to do?

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Hi Shahid_Barb, You're correct in that you need to change the URL to ensure you're calling the correct API version. Shopify API versions are explicitly declared in the URLs that your app makes requests to, and the format for this would be: /admin/api/{api_version}/graphql.json - so based on your example you'd make calls to URL path that looks like {shop-url}/admin/api/2023-04/graphql.json There's more info on this in our developer documentation.


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