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first of all my domain is hosted on godaddy and I am trying to add it to new shopify store,, this domain was added with old store from where I removed it already ,


Now issue is when i try to add it with store its showing this issue,



while I already added all required codes in dns of domain on godaddy.



i am waiting from last 48+ hours but issue is not sorted out.

if anybody can help me ,,,,,will be appericiated a lot

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My guess is that the domains haven't been removed from the original Shopify store that you had them added on. 


You'd need to sign into the old Shopify store (as the store owner), pick a paid plan, remove the domain names from the store, close the store back down ... then you can try adding the domains to your new store again. 


Also, your CNAME record from your DNS screenshot isn't correct. The 'www' CNAME record should be pointing to "" 

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