Greyed Out install button when before was working.

Greyed Out install button when before was working.

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Hi, I am creating a custom app for my own store. Previously, I was capable of using shopifysharp to generate an oauth link for my store. However, I recently uninstalled my app and attempted to reinstall. However, this time the install button was greyed out on shopify. I recreated all the steps that I previously did for my first installation but still no luck. Below is a list of the steps that I took when attempting to install my app.

1. Create an app on my partner account.
2. Update the app's App Url and Allowed Redirects to the appropriate links.
3. Choose a single merchant install link distribution for my store.
4. Use my app and store information to generate an oauth link in shopifysharp.
5. Upon clicking the link, I reach a shopify install app page, however the Install App button is greyed out.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey @farazchow 


Can you please DM me app details + screenshots of install screen?

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify