Headless NextJS app + Shopify Plus = SSO solution?

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I am working on a headless Next/Sanity + Shopify Plus project. My end goal is to create a "member's only" blog in the Next App. 

High-level of my architecture is (or at least what I'm hoping for):
1. Customer purchases a product on the headless Next app, using multi-pass

2. Customer logs into the headless Next App. Upon logging in, the headless apps pings Shopify for customer tags / metafields.

3. Once the response is received, we redirect the user to the membership blog if they have the appropriate tag.


I'm getting mixed signals on if Shopify can handle the login / create account / forgot password flow.


I should say someone could create an account and not purchase too. That'd make it so they don't have access to the membership blog. 


Is this possible?

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