Re: How can I make a request (POST/GET) to Shopify App from an external server?

How can I make a request (POST/GET) to Shopify App from an external server?

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Hi, I am new to Shopify App development, but I have to build a fairly complex app on top of NodeJS and ReactJS. I got stuck with receiving webhook notifications from an external server. I have developed a POST API endpoint in my app to work as a webhook receiver. But the problem is that I need help accessing the API's endpoint (built in the app) from outside the Shopify store.

API endpoint of my app is:

I also have set up an App proxy like this:

And I can access the endpoint from the theme:

How can I access the API endpoint from the outside world with the POST/GET method? I am eagerly waiting for help; any tips are valuable to me in this regard.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Hi Rousnay! 


Great to hear you're working on a Shopify app project! Where is the app currently hosted? If you want to be able to make API calls you should ensure that your app's API endpoint is hosted on a publicly accessible server. When you make a post request to https://app_url/api/notification_reciever what are you seeing? 


Hope this helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Hi thank you for your reply,
I am getting "No shop provided", as a response:
My code is below:"/api/notification_reciever", async (_req, res) => {
const payload = _req.body;
const fulfillment = await{session: res.locals.shopify.session});
fulfillment.line_items_by_fulfillment_order = [
"fulfillment_order_id": payload?.id
fulfillment.tracking_info = {
"number": payload?.tracking_number,
"url": payload?.tracking_url
update: true,
res.json("Fulfillment notification recieved!");

Thanks again Liam 🙂

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I got the same issue. Did you solve it? 

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any update? 🙏