HttpStatusCode 430 problems - diagnostic advice wanted :)

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On March 12th the app I support received 430 return codes and the bodies had no parsable JSON, i.e. the responses were not as the documentation claims. On investigation Shopify Support confirmed they'd had a problem with the admin JSON API. On March 29th the same happened again, many rejects, starting around noon GMT and lasting until we stopped work at 1930 GMT. Shopify Status indicated no problem. 

When a user request an action on this application (which happens between 0 and 20 times a day) the app will send a maximum of  concurrent requests to retrieve data via the graph query. The graph queries are very simple:

productVariants (first: 1, query: ""sku:'{0}'"") {{
edges {{
node {{
product {{

The app runs on infrastructure hosted by linode and its own static IP. 

I would like to understand how to diagnose this issue and determine if this is a Shopify defect or a defect in my application. Does anyone have any advice? The app is very low volume and used by a single small store but when these issues occurred work has to stop.


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