Issue with public app review in oAuth flow

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I am trying to get my Shopify APP approved but facing few issues in oAuth and cannot find any information anywhere in this regards.

I have an online web application where users click on "Install shopify button" and I redirect them to the shopify admin URL like this :

Then user proceeds to chose his store and then clicks on "Install App" and then the user is redirected back to my web application where I verify the request and request for shop access_token. This works great.

I submitted my application but received this issue to fix :

Your app must not request a manual entry of the URL or Users should not have the option to choose a different store for subsequent installations. The app must first be installed from the Shopify Apps Store. See this screencast for more details.

I am unable to understand the issue or how to solve it. My App can have multiple shopify stores integrated. I am not able to understand the reason.

Please help anyone.

Thanks & Regards,
Fellow Developer.

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