Line item properties lost in cart and checkout

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We are using line item properties to add custom information to orders (for personalized products). Lately, many of these properties are being lost at different steps during the checkout process. 

There are 2 instances where properties get lost. 
  • When adding to cart, due to Dynamic Buy Now buttons (whether they are on the product form or sticky). 
  • During checkout, when using express checkout methods (Shop Pay, Paypal Express, Amazon Pay, etc.). 
We've tried different things to solve this on our end, from creating custom buy now buttons to hiding the buy now buttons entirely for products that have custom fields. But since properties can get lost on different steps, it's hard to replicate/tackle. 
As an alternate solution, we started saving the cart information in our own DB as well, so we could then retrieve orders with missing information through the cart token. It worked for a while, but now orders are starting not to save the cart token, so now we can’t even recover them that way.

I know there are several posts that talk about this already (just to list a few:
. But since they are all unresolved (and Shopify doesn't seem to give any answer) here I am again. Any help with this is much appreciated. There are several stores (and apps) that rely on line item properties to get extra information from products and customers, so hopefully, some of you have found a fix. Or if not, if there are many of us experiencing the issue Shopify might work on a solution for it once and for all.
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Hey @AlejandroLoz - thanks for getting in touch. I do know there was an issue that impacted custom line item information when checkouts were processed through the dynamic/express checkout methods earlier in the summer. My understanding was that the issue was resolved earlier last year. Could you provide an example checkout ID or an X-Request-ID if you're still seeing the issue occur?

We can get in touch with our product team on your behalf to report this and get some next steps. Hope to hear from you soon. 

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Hidden line item properties are now not carried from cart webhooks to checkout webhooks. They reappear in order and refund webhooks. This is the case for all supported api versions ... how are we supposed to comply with mandatory upgrades with bugs like these?

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Hi Alejandro, we seem to have the same problem with our stores since this week. May I ask which personalizer app you are using? Could it be a Zepto-related issue? 

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the problem is happening also for me... also our app relies on custom attributes set on the cart, that need to be copied over to the order, but whenever we try to use AmazonPay the cart gets redirected (and I think a new cart is created) and the properties are not copied over...