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I have a question about the minimum order value in our shopify website.

We have a minimum order value of 15 euros. When a customer wants to checkout below this amount they get an error message indicating that the address is not entered correctly. This is a wrong error message because the address is correct. Can we change this error message to saying that they must meet a minimum order value of 15 euros? Now they get the wrong error message.

Attached the example. 



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Hi there!


You can edit the text that appears, although if the customer does have an additional issue with shipping it will display the error message you replaced it with instead. 


Start by clicking into your theme, and click the edit theme content option as shown here. Once you are in the theme content section, search for "this order can" and it will then show you the text you can edit. You can click here to see how to adjust the text.


Hope this helps.


- Koky 


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi Koky,


Thanks for the comment and the attached pictures. I have add the text successfully.

Where can I edit the html of this? I would like to add a ''blank line'' so that both error reasons are below each other.

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