Multi-User Account Management for a Shopify App using OAuth 2

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Hello everyone,

I have a multi-store Standalone Shopify application. This means that a person with the same email can switch between stores, if those stores share a common email during the installation. However, during the OAuth 2 authentication process and after receiving the access token from Shopify, I only have access to the email of the store owner.

My goal is to dissociate the person who installs the app or opens it from the person who owns the store. In other words, I want to allow the creation of multiple accounts for different individuals on the same app within the same store.

From my understanding, the OAuth authentication process provides the application with the access token that can be used to make API requests on behalf of the store, and this process usually involves the store owner or a staff account with the appropriate permissions.

Is there a way to create and manage several separate user accounts in my application, separating the store owner account from the shop administrators? For example, a Shopify partner account could potentially install applications on a store that isn't his own, and I'd like to dissociate this account from the owner's account when the application is launched.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello, how can you get the email address of the store owner through the Rest Admin API? Use the /shop endpoint, and use the email field? As far as I know, the email field is not the owner's registered shopify email address, but a contact email address.

The problem I'm having is that I can't use the /users.json endpoint to get store staff information(contains owner) because many of the customers who installed my app are not plus users.

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