[Multipass] I got 'duplicated email' error when i tried to login via Multipass

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I need 'customer_id' to synchonize our DB and Shopify Data. And Also I have to use Shopify's Multipass.

But There is no way to get 'customer_id' via Shopify's Multipass Login.


So I tried to create new register via Shopify Admin API with multipass_identifier, and got 'customer_id'.

And then I tried to login via Shopify's Multipass with identifier. As a result, I got a error which is 'duplicated email'.

If I tried to login via Shopify's Multipass without email, I got a error that there is no email.


In Multipass Login Guide, 

Some of my customers have already placed orders on Shopify. How do I update those customers so they can login through multipass?

You can use the Customer API to set the multipass_identifier for the customer. You will need to use the identifier with all your multipass requests for those customer accounts


How to use Multipass login with existing customer???

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Hey @WhosfanStore 


Can you provide a code example of where you get stuck?

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