My domain is being used by an unknown party

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I received an email from Google alerting me that my domain,, is being used by some other party. My Shopify store has been inactive for a few months (since around February 2024) but my domain (which I purchased through Shopify) was renewed in December 2023, and is still mine. Now, when I go to, it shows some other party's ecommerce page. How do I report/rectify this issue? 

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I would reach out to Shopify support. 

You can check your Shopify account and go to your domains section and change the DNS records so they do not point to the new store.

If you are definitely not using the domain right now and not selling on Shopify, I would delete all the A records and CNAME records.

If you are using this domain for emails, leave the mx records and any records that start with mail. or anything like that. 

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