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Hello! I may be opening a new, secondary, Shopify store - let's call this Store B. Store B will be a password-protected site, and you can only access the website either with a password or by logging in with your email + password the customer sets up for themselves. 


I already have a store that is set up just like this, Store A. But for this new store, Store B, I'd like to add all my existing customers from Store A. So, that they will have access to Store B, using the same credentials they set up for themselves on Store A. 


Is this possible? Basically, I want to create customer accounts and transfer their email/password combinations from Store A, to Store B. So when they log into Store B, they won't know the difference between Store A and Store B. 


Or, is my only option to add all of my customers, then send them all "activate their accounts". And hope that they go in and activate their account/set up a password for themselves on Store B? 

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Hey @TartByTaylor!

It's would technically be possible to import customers into Store B with their passwords as active accounts by using the Matrixify app (, however the tricky part here is that as far as I am aware, there is no way to export the existing passwords from Shop A.

Without know ing the existing passwords, the options would be to import the accounts with default passwords, or to send the customers activation emails so they can set their own passwords.

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Hi guys! 

Yes, you're correct. With Matrixify, you can import customers into a new Shopify store and set passwords for them, but due to security reasons, there's no way to export existing passwords from the original store.


You can also reach out to our support directly if you have any additional questions or queries! 










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