Ngrok Start Server Problem - npm run dev Timed Out Error

Ngrok Start Server Problem - npm run dev Timed Out Error

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Hello all, 

I am hoping you can help me as I have been stuck with this issue for hours. I have followed the guide on Shopify to create my first app. (

Specifically, I followed the guide with node and have gotten as far as starting the local dev server with ngrok, by running the command npm run dev -> screenshot attached shows the command line output which lets me log in to my partners account, recognizes the correct app and also prints the success message that the tunnel is running. 

One thing I noticed is that I was never asked separately to enter the ngrok auth token anywhere, as I had also run the config in the terminal before when I registered to ngrok. But the app is created in my partner account and has the token etc so that seems to have worked as well.

My understanding is that I should now get more output about the App URL so I can change it and then connect the app to my dev store. However all I get is an Error that just says timed out. It indeed comes a few seconds after the success message. I could not find this error anywhere else which is why I am posting now. 

I hope someone could help with this? Really looking forward to your answers!

Thank you so much and best wishes, 


Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 21.54.44.png

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Do you have an ngrok.yml where your auth token is stored?

Not sure which system you're on, but for me this lives in: ~/.ngrok2/ngrok.yml on an ubuntu machine (ah same on Windows).