Oauth Cookie not returned in redirect_uri

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I've successfully implemented the Oauth flow with a small inconvenience. Before redirecting the user to:

I set a cookie with the value of the "state" param. This is to later validate the auth callback using: 

Now, when I my server gets the redirect_uri, I don't receive any cookie. Thus I cannot validate it cause I don't have the state. 

This is the code I'm using:
        cookies.encrypted[auth_response[:cookie].name] = {
          expires: auth_response[:cookie].expires,
          secure: true,
          http_only: true,
          same_site: :none, # I tried this but didnt work
          value: auth_response[:cookie].value
Anything else i'm missing?

p.d.: I just followed the ruby template app.
p.d.: this is not an embedded app

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