Oauth error invalid_scope: The access scope is invalid: shopify_payments_dispute_file_uploads

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I'm attempting to access:

  • shopify_payments_dispute_file_uploads
  • shopify_payments_dispute_evidences

However, I continually receive the error message:

"Oauth error invalid_scope: The access scope is invalid: shopify_payments_dispute_file_uploads"

I am using the scope exactly as it's described in the Shopify documentation here:



What am I doing wrong?

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 13.19.44.png

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Did you requre access scopes for shopify_payments_payouts, shopify_payments and than shopify_payments_dispute_evidences, shopify_payments_dispute_file_uploads when you are changing the scopes you need to restart your app

Stefan Momcilovic
Founder of StefansWeb
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No I requested the scope all at once. And I don't need access to shopify_payments_payouts or shopify_payments.


I know another app that uses the exact same scope and it works without any problems.