"Invalid OAuth callback." error inconsistency

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Hey all,

I migrated my 3 apps to session token(nodejs+react apps).

All were working fine, but sometimes I was getting this error "Invalid OAuth callback."

This error is called from the "shopify-api" of "koa-shopify-auth"(4.1.4 & 41.3) by falling this function:

function validQuery(query, session) {
return hmac_validator_1.default(query) && shop_validator_1.default(query.shop) && safe_compare_1.default(query.state, session.state);

the last two conditions are true, so the problem is here: hmac_validator_1.default(query)

What I don't get, is what's wrong here? Since the hmac_validaror is a library function and the query is purely from Shopify...

I wonder if that maybe some package issue or maybe some browser issue...

I'm happy to hear any of your suggestion, thanks

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I have the same error, any solutions?

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Running into similar issue after generating new API secret.  
Hoping to revive thread for a comment...