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There is no order confirmation url because, I have spent way too much time looking for a way to contact customer support to dispute the past billing. I have been billed several times, without warning or notice to the free trial being over. Yes, you will say it’s my responsibility, but from your end, I know you can see that I have not even used your services or got a chance to start a “store.”
My bank wants to know why I’m being charged and going over my monthly budget.
For two months I cannot even buy groceries for my household because, I’ve been getting billed for $139.37/month.
I just need to let you all know… I spent the past three months homeless and trying to get my life in order, and your company has only made it worse, with the lack of informing customers prior to their billing date. I know taking money from people is your top priority. For it’s over 8 years now I’ve been using your services off and on, because your subscription plans are not worth the headache after sometime.
I’m simply asking for a refund for those past three months I have been billed, with not even getting to log in or use your services.

I literally spent three months, called two different numbers, only for them to say that the phone services no longer work or are being used. To whomever gets this… as I have tried, and there is no true customer support for the past 8 years since I’ve been with Shopify, I look forward to brighter days.

Thanks in advance.
Omar B.

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