Seeking Advice on Embedding a Custom Dashboard for Customers in Shopify Storefront

Seeking Advice on Embedding a Custom Dashboard for Customers in Shopify Storefront

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Seeking advice on embedding a custom dashboard within the Shopify storefront for customer access. What are the recommended methods or best practices for integrating a personalized dashboard where authenticated customers can conveniently manage orders, access account information, and engage with their purchases seamlessly within the Shopify website? Additionally, any insights on essential features or available documentation for this integration would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 


Tech Stack and Resources for Shopify Embedded Dashboard:

Tech Stack:

  • Frontend: React (with Remix), GraphQL for data fetching.
  • Backend Integration: Shopify Admin API for data retrieval and updates.
  • Hosting: Host the Remix app externally, possibly on services like Vercel, Netlify, or similar platforms.


  1. Development Environment Setup:

    • Install necessary tools for Remix app development (Node.js, Remix CLI).
    • Obtain API credentials (keys or tokens) for Shopify's Admin API.
  2. Dashboard Design and Layout:

    • Design the dashboard interface using React components (with Remix).
    • Plan the UI/UX for order management, account settings, and other features.
  3. API Integration:

    • Connect the Remix app to Shopify's Admin API using GraphQL queries.
    • Implement API calls to fetch customer-specific data (orders, account details).
  4. Frontend Implementation:

    • Build React components to display fetched data within the dashboard UI.
    • Ensure responsiveness and user-friendly navigation.
  5. Embedding in Shopify:

    • Utilize Shopify's extension capabilities (sections, app extensions) to embed the Remix app within the Shopify storefront.
    • Implement authentication for customers to access the embedded dashboard.
  6. Testing and Validation:

    • Thoroughly test the integration for functionality, responsiveness, and data accuracy.
    • Validate the customer experience, ensuring seamless navigation and feature usability.
  7. Deployment and Monitoring:

    • Deploy the Remix app to a hosting platform accessible via a specific URL.
    • Monitor for any issues post-deployment and implement necessary updates or fixes.


  • Remix documentation for building React-based apps.
  • Shopify API documentation for integration specifics (Admin API, GraphQL).
  • Community forums or Shopify developer resources for guidance and support.
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Hi PrateektheDev,


We actually released a feature into developer preview yesterday that could be very helpful with building out a dashboard that customers access via their accounts - you can read documentation on customizing Shopify customer accounts in our dev docs here

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