Shopify recommends Google Authenticator=Not work metal building;SMS 6 digit code=incorrect codes

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Mar 24, 2024, 10:19 PM (1 day ago)

1) "Shopify recommends using Google Authenticator but I have tried that and it will not work because I live in a metal building. So I have tried using -2step verification with my phone receiving 6 digit codes. I get the code, I input it correctly and Shopify says the code is incorrect. It is correct. I do the same procedure again and Shopify tells me the code is incorrect again. I have done this many times."

2) "If your 2-step verification codes aren't working, try to activate enforcement again. If the issue persists,
contact Shopify Plus Support. Also, consider using your recovery codes. Click on Account support below to contact support."

a) What is and how do I activate enforcement again ? Very vague

b) I click on Shopify Support Plus and I get NO RESPONSE.

c) I click on Account Support and it sends me verify my account. I do that and "When you are done

updating your account details, return to this screen and continue." I return to this screen,click Continue and

NOTHING HAPPENS. Conclusion: Shopify software does not work in 6 instances. Just facts.

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