The access scope is invalid: reports_editing

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Hi everyone, I'm trying to fetch Analytics Data using app with Oauth. 

I've read some threads here and got advice to use scope reports_editing

But during authentication, I got the messenge "Oauth error invalid_scope: The access scope is invalid: reports_editing" and the authentication stopped.

My store is "Shopify Plus"

Can someone tell me if the scope reports_editing is available in Shopify Plus or how can I enable it?


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Hey @cuongvdezm 

Thanks for getting in touch regarding this. I've looked into this and looking back to 2017, it seems reports_editing was an old (now invalid) scope that was tied to the Analytics API.  This scope is not available to be enabled anymore I understand.

The reports publishing API and the Reports resource is available to Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus merchants - (it's the write_reports scope) It's used for creating reports (there's some docs here of how to add this scope via Oauth).

As an aside, we're aware that many merchants/partners are requesting a dedicated Analytics API - there is a proper API in mind there ultimately, and there has been discussion/work towards it. I can't offer a timeframe of when this would be delivered, but any updates would be communicated via the Shopify Community Forums and also via our Developer Changelog. I hope that at least clears up any confusion!


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Thank you very much @Luke_K !

It seems like there's no ways to get analytics data via API

I see that we can get it via EASDK. But I've read in document that EASDK will be removed from Shopify next year.

Do you know any ways I can get Analytics Data?