Unable to reach Shopifys support

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I'm unable to access my account due to an error shown below. I recently re-activated my account and now I'm unable to access it. I can't even reach support because I get an error.


Error I get when trying to access my account:


Error I get when trying to reach support:


And NO, there's nothing wrong with my internet connecting. See below.

I have tried ALL first line support actions such as switching devices (desktop, laptop, phone), switching browsers (brave, safari, chrome, edge), switching networks (cellular data, wifi, ethernet, different networks), clearing cookies & chache, updating systems, incognito mode, using the app etc. I have tried it all. This is not client sided as many support agents suggest in similar posts.

I have an active subscription and NO WAY of deactivating it other than lock my credit card at my bank, which I don't want to do.


Please reach out to me and help me. This is crazy. I also tried using the chat bot and was in "queue" for 5 hours. Nothing happend. The chat bot asked me to "select the site you're having problem with" and I couldn't choose it as it just threw me an error.


Shopify, seriously. This is absolutely crazy. I can't reach you via mail or email. I can't even upgrade my account to reach you. I can do nothing.

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30 days later and this is still not solved. The subscription is still active and I can't access my site or cancel the subscription. There's nothing I can do. I'm completely lost.


This has been the worst experience I've ever had to endure. I have now switched providers but unfortunately lost my domain since it's registered with Shopify and I can't access the domain panel.


Please reconsider using shopify.