[Urgent] Checkout API's apply discount doesn't work after shipping button was clicked.

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Hi Shopify, 


We have a Sales channel app it will create a checkout via Checkout API. When we create checkout, we will paste the applied_discount parameters to create a discount checkout. 


But since 2023/08/09, we found the discount will disappear after customer click the shipping button. Screenshots


截圖 2023-09-08 下午4.37.52.png截圖 2023-09-08 下午4.39.16.png


The issue can be reproduce on our demo store. https://yosgo-demo-store.myshopify.com/products/matcha

1. Click the “Group Buy Deal” button which is below “Buy it now button”.

2. There will be a window popup. Click the “create” button which is at button of the window. ”I don't want to join existing group. Create“

3. Then select the variant and quantity. Click “Checkout” button. 

4. The page will redirect to checkout page automatically.

5. On checkout page information step, the discount works fine. Then fill in the information and click the “Continue to shipping” button. The discount will fail. 


Hope Shopify can help. Discount is important for a group buying app. 
Thanks a lot!

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We found removing the description parameter in the applied_discount properties will fix this issue. 



Hope it can help, if someone meet this issue. 

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Thank you! Saved my day

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