Which distribution model for a private testing phase with non-owned stores?

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Hi all,


We're building an app in the Shopify ecosystem that helps automate common ecommerce bookkeeping logic. The idea is that a user logs into our app, authorizes / connects it with both their Shopify account and their Quickbooks account, and our app will sit in-between. It will do things like watch for orders in the Shopify store and automatically generate the journal entries in QBO.


We're building this as a bookkeeping firm, and we want to have a few of our clients try it out. We're not ready for it to be completely public yet - in fact, for this private alpha phase, only we can create an account for a user. But, the app is connecting to live Shopify stores that are owned by our clients, i.e. they're not owned by us or part of our organization.


What distribution model in the Shopify store is best suited for this? From the documentation, it sounds like it'd be Public distribution, but that process seems to steer us through the form for our public listing, which is a bit premature given we're still in a private alpha.




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Hi Ayang8,


Froom your description I believe this should be a Custom App. Custom Apps in Shopify are designed specifically for cases like yours, where the app is intended for a limited number of clients and not for general distribution in the Shopify App Store.

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