Why is the publication of my application rejected? What am I doing wrong in the oauth process?

Why is the publication of my application rejected? What am I doing wrong in the oauth process?

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I would like you to help me by validating my oauth process. It happens that I am trying to send an application to publish and it is rejected indicating that the process is wrong.
I go on to contextualize a bit about the app and then I explain the installation process.
About the app:
The purpose of the application to be published is to be able to request certain permissions from the users of an application that is external to shopify and through these permissions to be able to list the orders and their subsequent shipment through this external application that is being built.

This application has 2 ways of how to integrate shopify, you are depending on the origin where the integration is being carried out, that is, if the integration is carried out from the shopify store or if the integration is carried out from the external application.
For obvious reasons we cannot do the first, since the application is not published, but the second and through this process we send the application for review. Basically, the process is as follows:
Once logged in to the external web app, I am redirected to a section where I can see all the integrations I have with my stores or if I want to start a new one. For this case, I start the integration with a new one and to start I ask for the url of the store in order to generate the url with the request for permissions similar to:


https://${domain}.myshopify.com/admin/oauth/authorize?client_id=${this.CLIENT_ID_SHOPIFY}&scope=${JSON.parse(this.SCOPES_SHOPIFY).join(',')}&redirect_uri=$ {this.HOSTNAME_SHOPIFY}/auth/shopify/callback&state=${state}

Which later, when opened in the browser, asks for the permissions and once accepted according to the configuration of the application, it returns to the callback page where the installation will be finished.

To do this, the Shopify team in the review instructions was shown a textual step-by-step and with a video but they reject me indicating that the oauth process is wrong but they do not indicate what I am failing and I do not see a way to contact them because I write emails a month ago and they don't answer me.
Can you guide me and tell me what I may be failing.

Thanks in advance

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Your Shopify App install path can't be predicated on being logged into an external service. Your app needs to be installable by going to https://{APP_URL}?shop=XXX.myshopify.com, if that's not possible then you will be rejected.

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Related to your question how can I then form the permissions request path if I don't have the shopify store id or url from my application because if I don't have access to the installation of the developing app in the store even in test mode I won't be able to generate the permissions request screen.
In my flow I have validated the installation process of the shopify app if it is coming from your store and I keep asking it to log in if it has not.
I have reviewed third party apps that have implemented what I am doing and they internally in their app request the shopify id or url in order to generate that permission url but for that you need to be logged into their app and they have been approved.
I based on their process to implement mine.

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