App rejected - help needed

App rejected - help needed

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Hi everyone,

I've submitted my app to make it public, but it was rejected and I need a little help on a few points.

First of all, a little background. I'm working for a fulfillment center and we developed an app for our customers, who sell on Shopify. We store our customers goods at our warehouse, and on behalf of them, we are fulfilling their orders. In a nutshell, our app is for transferring the order data (fulfillment requests to be more precise) from Shopify to our warehouse and for transferring order statuses and stock quantities in the other direction.

The recent changes in the "API Terms and PPA" forced us to publish our app, as it is used by multiple merchants. As the app is meant only for our customers (who have signed a contract with us), after installation the merchant is asked for credentials to our app: If he doesn't have the credentials to our app (i.e. he is not our customer), he can go to our website, learn about our company and if interested, contact us: (screen from the 1st point from Shopify response).

Here is (a part of) response from Shopify:

1. Use the Billing API to process all charges associated with your app and comply with our requirements. See this screenshot for additional details.

The app itself is free to install, and we do not charge for using our app to transfer data between Shopify and our warehouse. Of course, we do charge our customers for storing the goods at our warehouse, packing&sending parcels etc, but this is not connected to the app itself.

In pricing details, I've set up that the app is free to install but it has additional charges: Product storage, order pick & pack and parcel shipping costs.

Is this correct? Should I remove these additional charges, as this is not connected to the app itself? I'm not sure how to handle the pricing in our case, please help.

2. Include a screencast to demonstrate your app's onboarding and functionality as a part of your testing instructions to comply with our requirements. Screencast showing on how to set up a store to fully integrate with the app, up to placing an order and fulfillment process.

Sending fulfillment request from a store and accepting/rejecting it by our app can be done autonomously and it will be shown on a screencast. However, to test order statuses and stock quantities some action is required from our side. What normally is done in our warehouse and in our WMS (taking a delivery or sending a parcel), in the test mode, it needs to be simulated on our side. How can we proceed with this? Is it ok if I ask the Shopify developer to contact me via email (in the G section of our listing), or does it have to be somehow done automatically...? We would like to avoid days of our work time only for one-time validation purposes.


Thank you for help,


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excuse me, I also encountered the same problem Did you get to resolving it?