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Hello everybody,

We have been creating our Shopify Embedeed App for couple of weeks now and wanted to have it available as Free public app so that our customers can use it freely but we hit the wall at the App Review rejection and since there is no reply address for review I am hoping to get some answers here.

Our business is running SaSS platform for marketing - you can create and manage your discount coupons and distribute them to your customers. The business details are not that important but what is important is that we are offering 30 days free trial and then you need to buy out subscription charged monthly in order to continue working on the platform. I would like to bold out that Shopify Plugin is not required by any means to continue working on our platform.

Now large portion of our customers kept on asking if we have any plans to integrate with Shopify so that they can distribute codes created within our tool to theirs Shopify Stores so we went ahead and create the app mentioned previously. Now in the app listing we have checked "Free to install" since we do not charge our customers within our Shopify App and we do not wish to do it.

In the review respond we have received two remarks regarding that:

  • Your app is not using the Billing API. All charges and fees associated with your service must exclusively use the Billing API when installed through the Shopify App Store.

  • The pricing plans listed in your app are not references on your app listing. All monthly, one-time, and usage-based charges along with free trial time must be included in the pricing section of the submission form. Please see  this screenshot for additional details.

Both Your app and this screenshot were links to screenshot within our SaSS product where you can buy subscription. And here is where we are confused, our Shopify App is free to install, operate and is not charging user by any means. Our product is subscription based and we do not want to use Billing API or any other Shopify APIs to charge customer.

Our Shopify App servers as integration option that we wanted to give to out customers, how should we fill the Pricing Details in App Listing? Maybe the problem is that we are lacking basic app requirement screen upon app installation where we should notify user that in order to use this App you need to have an account in our Sass Product?


Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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Hi @Voucherify 


If you head to the partner dashboard, you can contact the partner support team to go over the rejection and how to best move forward! Without seeing specifics of the screenshots linked and the billing it is hard to say more on the topic. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Oh wow @vix I haven't realized that.

Do you mean to just contact support or is there some hidden button on App Listing view?