App was rejected but we believe it is compliant. What to do?

App was rejected but we believe it is compliant. What to do?

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We submitted an App which was rejected with the following reasons below. I have attached responses to each of them. 

Is there any way to get more details about what it is that we are missing/did wrong?

  1. Include detailed app install and set up instructions within the user interface of your app to comply with our requirements. After installation, merchants must be able to make adjustments to the app in order to maintain functionality. - This was Done.

  2. Use the Billing API to process all charges associated with your app and comply with our requirementsThis was Done

  3. Update your app name to something unique. Using a generic descriptor as an app name doesn't comply with our requirements. Ensure you also update your app's name in the Partner Dashboard. The App name is unique, and we followed similar names on the app store. We would like to learn more about this

  4. Include a screen recording to demonstrate your app's onboarding and functionality as a part of your testing instructions to comply with our requirements. This was Optional. Is this a requirement?

  5. Update your theme code modification instructions with more detail to comply with our requirements. Write clearly and include screenshots and videos showing exactly where the merchant should copy and paste snippets. Assume the merchant has no experience modifying their theme. Refer to our online store guidelines for writing clear instructions. - No Theme Modification, but maybe we can do more about instructions??? Not sure..

  6. Disable your app's visible storefront widget by default to give the merchant editing ability before they enable the visible element. Provide the merchant with instructions to edit and enable the storefront widget to fully comply with our requirements. This was Done. The widget is not enabled by default. You have to make changes to the settings and save before the widget becomes visible on the store.

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Yeah, I have to make changes to the last point as well. Did you get to resolving it?